NEW!! Hedgehog’s

Welcome back to a new year!! It has already been filled with some awesome new yarn in lots of gorgeous colour’s.

Hedgehog Fibre’s Sock

A quick search on Ravelry and it shows that there is 15645 projects….. WOW!!!!

No wonder it is so popular, check out some of the amazing colours.

There are also many idea’s for what your next project could be.

Stephen West has no shortage of shawl’s and out there clothing. Legging’s anyone……YES please.

Speckle and Pop

The Doodler

Marled Magic Shawl <—— This one even has tassel's. YAY

Color Craving

Find Your Fade by Andrea Mowry is another pretty shawl.

These are just some of my fave’s. What’s yours?
Not into shawl’s? Here are some more great ideas for you.

Stargazer Toe-Up Socks by Catherine Knutsson

This one is an awesome take on these socks. How I Roll project by Kindrid Red.

What a colourful start to the new year.

We would love to see your projects, just head on over to instagram and hashtag #3girlsyarn.

Happy Creating.

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