Last Minute Gift Ideas

So it is the school holidays….yipeee!!!!, and in true end of year spirit I was not organised. These cute little guys made quick gifts for teachers this year, they only took a day to make.

I used Cleckheaton Country with a 2.25mm hook so the fabric was nice and firm. The pattern is a freebie from MaryJ Handmade.

It is so super simple I was able to watch tv and it grew quickly.

From one 50g ball I was able to get 2 cacti easily, there is plenty left for at least 2 more.

I found some simple pots that had fake cacti in them already, plus the added benefit of styrofoam as well which helped later on when assembling them.

I crocheted the ‘dirt’, first I did it in a circle but silly me the pot is square lol. I kept the styrofoam in and hot glued the dirt right on top of it.

To attach the cacti to the pot I put hot glue on the end of a toothpick and pushed it into the base of the cactus then put hot clue on the other end and pushed it down through the dirt and into the styrofoam, be quick as the glue sticks fast.

We would love to see your projects, just head on over to instagram and hashtag #3girlsyarn.

Happy Creating.

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